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Amarjeet Singh Saluja

Amarjeet Singh Saluja

  With an industrial presence of over 45+ years, Saluja Steel & Power business operations extends from production of the full range of steel products to production of high-quality TMT bars. It all began in  1974 when our chairman Amarjeet Singh Saluja started it by setting factory of “Iron Nail” at the age of 18. Since 1974 Saluja Gold has been the result of combining a successful consolidation strategy with a number of significant acquisitions. Post-crisis, in the steel industry, Saluja Gold cautiously restarted certain projects to capture growth in key emerging markets and was successful in doing so by manufacturing one of its kind Saluja Gold TMT bars.


Introducing Saluja Gold TMT Bars – a flagship product in India’s steel sector, boasting market-leading stats and a strong vision for infrastructure growth and customer satisfaction. With almost five decades of history, our products and community efforts reflect our commitment to uplift lives. We continuously improve through our core values of persistence and dynamic enthusiasm.
Our motto, “Mazbooti Sabkuch Hai,” resonates with our strong, optimistic, and empathetic approach – mirroring our robust steel bars. Our expanding dealer network showcases Saluja’s legacy, industrial trust, and strategic impact, aligning with our dedication to customer excellence and transparency.
A noteworthy addition is the Saluja Gold International School, revolutionizing education in Jharkhand. We’re poised for even greater achievements and extend sincere gratitude to our dedicated team, stakeholders, bankers, and government for unwavering support. Onward and upward – a future of boundless possibilities for Saluja Steel & Power.

Our Directors

I take immense pride in presenting our integrated steel plant, a symbol of excellence in producing sponge iron, billets, and TMT bars. Our journey is fueled by innovation and a relentless commitment to quality. With cutting-edge technology and a dedicated workforce, we transform raw materials into high-grade products, catering to diverse industries.
Our plant’s synergy enables efficient sponge iron production, followed by seamless billet manufacturing – the building blocks of our robust TMT bars. This integrated approach ensures top-tier quality control at every stage, assuring clients of superior, reliable products.
We stand at the forefront of the steel industry, poised to meet market demands with our premium offerings. Thank you for your trust, and we look forward to a future of continued growth and excellence.

Warm regards,
Director – Saluja Steel and Power

As the Director of Saluja Steel & Power, I’m thrilled to share our journey of continuous business development and exceptional growth. Our focus on expanding sales and marketing efforts has been pivotal in propelling Saluja Gold TMT Bars to new heights. We’ve diligently cultivated a robust brand, reflecting our commitment to quality and reliability.
Maintaining a strong public relations presence has been crucial, fostering trust and credibility within our stakeholders. Our close partnerships with channel partners have not only enhanced our distribution network but also fortified relationships built on mutual success.
Within our integrated steel plant, Saluja Gold TMT Bars stand as a testament to our dedication to innovation, quality, and sustainable practices. Looking ahead, we are resolute in advancing these principles, securing enduring success for Saluja Steel & Power and reinforcing our standing as an industry leader.

Warm regards,
Director – Saluja Steel and Power