The Company

How it all began
With an industrial presence of over 45+ years, Saluja Steel & Power business operations extends from production of the full range of steel products to production of high-quality TMT bars. It all began in  1974 when our chairman Amarjeet Singh Saluja started it by setting factory of "Iron Nail" at the age of 18. Since 1974 Saluja Gold has been the result of combining a successful consolidation strategy with a number of significant acquisitions. Post-crisis, in the steel industry, Saluja Gold cautiously restarted certain projects to capture growth in key emerging markets and was successful in doing so by manufacturing one of its kind Saluja Gold TMT bars.

Showcasing the role of steel and TMT bars in modern life, and the role of Saluja Gold as a major employer and supplier, our stories bring our operations to life.
With a presence in Jharkhad & adjoining states, Saluja Gold have a lot of stories to tell, that show how our business – steelmaking and manufacturing of TMT bar – is part of the fabric of modern life.
Steel also has a major role to play in the sustainability debate; as an infinitely recyclable material it can be used  again and again in the steelmaking process, making it a sustainable material for modern times. Saluja Gold unique qualities offer a combination of structural support and aesthetic impact for some of the most iconic structures. Its strength, versatility and attractive appearance mean it is in great demand from both architects and engineers.
Guided by a philosophy to produce safe, sustainable Steel and TMT bars, it is the leading supplier of quality steel products in all major markets including automotive, construction etc and now is expanding its chain in East India.


I envisioned a nation with stronger values and stronger structures. Since our inception, 40 years ago we have strived to establish a network of firsts. In this journey of excellence, we have crossed several milestones and are moving successive steps ahead with the launch of our first ever TMT product, "SALUJA  Gold" TMT bar with an Intention of providing an assured and superior quality construction related products to our customers.
Perseverance, a passion for excellence and a firm commitment towards all stakeholders and the community at large has made us what we are today.

- Amarjeet Singh Saluja


  • Sustainibility is more important than enormous growth.
    We are leading steel and TMT bar evolution to ensure a better future for the downstream and upstream segments of the industry and for future generations. Our commitment to the world we live in goes beyond the obvious to include the safety and wellbeing of our people and the communities we operate in. This long term approach is essential for our business philosophy.
  • Quality is what we create.
    We look beyond today to image the TMT Bar of tomorrow. Through the talent of our people and our last generation products, we create world-class solutions for our distributors, investors and other clients.
  • Bold Leadership
    We are bold thinkers with a clear view of the future of TMT bars . We are proud of our accomplishments and our entrepreneurial spirit which have brought us to the forefront of our industries.


  • Exceed the creation of value expected by stakeholders.
  • Continuous improvement keeping in mind the interest and Value of our partners, stakeholders and the environment.


  • Be the most acclaimed steel and TMT bar producer in the world – a global reference to the sector.
  • Be the indisputable leader in the steel sector.

Safety Policies

  • To ensure the safety and security of workers and to reduce workplace accidents, mishaps and health problems we have challenged ourselves to be the safest steel and TMT bar company of India.
  • We are Implementing Programs to make health and safety our priority and reducing fatalities.


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