About us

Saluja Steel & Power Pvt. Ltd. has been accommodating golden history through serving its variant products for more than 40 years. The company has now moved a successive step ahead with its new and first ever TMT product call "SALUJATM GOLD" TMT bar in the arena of Indian market for endorsement and to cherish every individual and a group as a whole. Along with the high grade raw materials like, low-carbon Ingots, Billets, CCM; SALUJATM GOLD now here is ready to fulfill the requirement of the market.

Even when the whole steel sector were under pressure and were falling from head to shoulder, SALUJATM GOLD were being planned, designed and now is on launch pad to touch its zenith. Despite the down trend in the market, the inception of "SALUJATM GOLD" is a success story in itself.

Salient features
The standardized tensile strength of "SALUJATM GOLD" combines with the compressive strength of cement to generate incredible reinforced standing strength to the structures for generation.
Reduces work & time:
Due to better ductility and bending ability of "SALUJATM GOLD", it reduces the construction and fabrication time.
Corrosion resistance:
The controlled processes during the production of "SALUJATM GOLD", prevent the formation of coarse carbide, and give superior strength nd anti-corrosive properties.
Bonding Strength:
The external ribs across the entire length shows the incredible strength of the product, and the ISI mark is the mark of faith of "SALUJATM GOLD".
Cost Effective:
Due to under section-weight, and strength, the "SALUJATM GOLD" TMT bars are efficient enough to produce much durability and sustainability and very effective cost.
The product is now available in variant sizes from 8mm - 32mm for B-B and B-C throughout the country in both bulk and retail.
Earthquake Resistance:
The ductility of SALUJATM GOLD provides string withstand against earthquake.
Fire Resistance:
The product has incredible fire resistance ranging between 500oC and 600oC.
SALUJATM GOLD currently available in 'SG 600+' grade with standardized tensile strength.